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Burnt Wings

Burnt Wings

Meet Trevor Marshall.

Trevor is 10, has autism and is non-verbal. He was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on August 10, 2019. He also had pneumonia. Doctors found a tumor pushing against his lung and the vessels against his heart. He also had another one underneath his right armpit and the biggest one right in his diaphragm. He also has multiple little ones in and floating around inside his abdomen.

The first week was touch and go. He has a few scares and setbacks including fever spikes, but Trevor’s system responded very well to the aggressive treatments and doses they provided.

Mom spent every night in the hospital while Trevor was admitted, and his 13-year old big brother Trayce spent most of the time bedside with his brother and mom as well. Trayce is an incredible young man and has been an instrumental member of Trevor’s care team. There is not anything he won’t do his little brother.

His autism leaves Trevor unable to discern pain from needles which helps with recovery from treatments (and spares Mom and family the stress of seeing him in pain). However, there are some procedures which require patients to be still. In that case, he needs to be fully sedated. Mom reports that he did well with the treatments. Additionally, he is also good with his hospital and clinic visits.

Trevor was discharged on September 5, 2019. Trevor and his mom will have to drive down to Albany Med for his clinic receiving chemo 4 times per week for a few more months.

Building on Love provided the family with a grant to cover three months of rent, auto, utilities groceries and cell phone payments. The 2019-20 House League also adopted the family for the holidays.

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